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High quality

Storage and Transportation Pipes and fittings should be protected against throwing,

knocking, shaking, hitting and any sort of mechanical stressing.

Pipes and fittings must be stored at minimum temperature of +5°C One meter distance must be kept between plastic components and radiators.

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Welding PPR

UPMC system components are joined by simple-to-use fusion-welding techniques. Pure and consistent resins of the highest quality,

used in the manufacture of our components,

ensure reliable and repeatable welding over and over again. 
in merely a few seconds.

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Pressure Test

After installing UPMC piping system, it is necessary to go through a pressure test. Unlike metal pipes, UPMC piping system like all other plastic pipe systems has to follow different pressure test procedure owing to their mechanical properties of expansion when subject to pressure, temperature difference and coefficient of expansion.  

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